Minus 25

CW: 155

SW: 165 (8/21/2011)
GW1: 160 (8/25/2011)
GW2: 155 (8/28/2011)
GW3: 150
GW4: 145
GW5: 140
GW6: 135
UGW: 130
Traveling- it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.
Ibn Battuta   (via w-ildfires)

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She thinks running is like getting drunk in reverse. With drinking, it feels great at first, but then you start feeling awful. With running, you feel awful first, but then, after you finish, you feel great.
Running With The Kenyans- Adharanand Finn (via 1500m—runner)

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inhale the good shit, exhale the bullshit

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